My Tattoo Stories 關於我的刺青



Do you have a tattoo?

All these time, tattoo has been a hard idea for Asian market to accept. Having a visible tattoo might give people bad impression, affect on your job interview and you CAN’T go to public hot-spring in Japan HUH!


對於刺青,很多人都抱著” 刺龍刺鳳 “,尤其是我媽媽那一代,對於刺青像是壞孩子,流氓才會做的。

For my MOM’s generation, tattoo is linked with gangsters.







But personally, I’m very fond with tattoo, due to the fact that I’m quite arty kind haha, but thinking about getting one for the longest time EVER! After all it is something will follow the rest of your rest of life like a marriage.. and if you’re thinking getting rid of it, it’s gonna cost you and it’s gonna be painful…well welll well in many way it does sound like a marriage huh lol.

To me, Tattoo represents

[ Self-recognition ]

[ A sentimental memory ]

[ A life goal ]

我的第一個刺青是在我21歲的時候刺的,在我的右肋骨上,寫著 Perfectly Imperfect。




My first tattoo is my right rib saying “Perfectly imperfect”.

I got this tattoo idea from my friend, during a tough period at my 21, I was suffered depression and I was stuck in my own dark world. Then I got to talk to this friend he told me that, ” You shouldn’t try to be perfect! You’re perfect as the way you are! You are PERFECTLY IMPERFECT.”

I putted on my body and keep me reminded,

I’m Perfectly Imperfect. The way I was/am/will be.






My second tattoo is from the book “The little prince”.

If you haven’t read this book, you SHOULD! It’s an adults children book, it’s written to be children’s book but yet the book is so real. It’s worth for reading many times, and it will bring you different perceptions.





My third tattoo is a gipsy woman.

As you know I’m a cabin crew, jumping from country to country. Also, I moved out since I was 15…I felt that I haven’t settled yet, haven’t found my HOME yet.

Just wandering around like a gipsy.






All right then, that’s about it!

thanks for your time and love

see you next time xoxo


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